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Smiley Face LogoSpex
Smiley Face
Valentine Hearts LogoSpex
Valentine Hearts
Spectrum Rainbow LogoSpex
Spectrum Rainbow
Christmas Star LogoSpex
Christmas Star
Millennium 2000 LogoSpex
Millennium 2000
Smiley Face LogoSpex

Smiley Face LogoSpex
When you wear these LogoSpex,
this is what you will see around every point of light.

Smiley Face LogoSpex

Pack of 5 £9.99 GBP
Pack of 10 £18.99 GBP
Pack of 25 £45.00 GBP
Pack of 50 £75.00 GBP
Pack of 100 £140.00 GBP

Quantities of packets may be entered on the Buy Now page.

All prices include delivery any where world wide.

Pay by cheque, download and fill in our mail order forms.

These Smiley Face LogoSpex use the same lenses as the special 3D Palookavision glasses given away at Glastonbury for the Norman Cook - Fatboy Slim Palookaville gig.

LogoSpex are a magical fun pair of special effects glasses, which will always amaze and fascinate people. When looking through LogoSpex a simple logo image magically appears superimposed around every distant point of light that you look at. This amazing effect is achieved by bending the light through the special holographic lenses. LogoSpex work when looking at things like: street lights, fairy lights, carnival lights, Christmas tree lights or even fireworks. As the light moves - so does the logo, as the light blinks on and off - so does the logo, if the light changes colour - so does the logo. And if like fireworks the light shoots up into the sky - so does the logo.

Available in a range of standard fun logos, LogoSpex produce the optical illusion of either a Smiley Face, Valentine Hearts, Christmas Star, Millennium 2000 or a great Spectrum Rainbow effect.

LogoSpex are perfect for promotional launch events, kids parties, nightclubs, raves, festivals, concerts, fireworks displays and parties. Suitable for including in a mail shot or magazine insert, LogoSpex could either be a complementary promotional gift or an extremely profitable retail item. Use LogoSpex at your next corporate Christmas party or product launch, or increase profits and fun at Christmas light shows, bonfire nights, funfairs, carnivals and amusement parks.

Produced in a range of brightly coloured cardboard glasses with arms, LogoSpex can be worn like normal spectacles - one size fits all. The lenses in the LogoSpex contain many tiny holographic images and look like a pair of grey sunglasses (however; they should never be used as sunglasses).

Large quantities of LogoSpex are available for sale at a discount. We can also help you make the most of your LogoSpex promotion by having them custom printed with your own full colour design and marketing message. You can even have your own company logo, initials or greeting created in the holographic image. Please Contact Us for details. (Minimum order for customised printing is 5,000 LogoSpex.)

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